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It is our ambition to help you to make more informed exploration decisions by creating the best-in-class software solutions that deliver the highest value. The Terranta simulator has been designed to address your mineral exploration challenges. Our probabilistic analyses and assessments of your exploration prospects are our contribution to de-risk your exploration investments. Support and consulting services go hand in hand with our software development. We ensure that Terranta technologies will be seamlessly integrated into your exploration workflows.

Don’t let your drill bits drill into the dark!

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A mineral systems concept defines the required framework to predict the spatial distribution and quality of new mineral resources. The description of the mineral systems elements, fertility system, transport system, and deposit system, indicates that mineral deposits are likely to have occurred.

Even though mineral deposits are a rare occurrence, they are predictable: With Mineral Systems Modeling we are able to quantify the concentration processes that are required to predict the location and quality of an undiscovered deposit by using our conceptually driven dynamic data models which include the genetically related critical components of mineralization systems elements.

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At Terranta we take your mineral systems analysis to the next level. We quantitatively reproduce within our numerical simulator your mineral systems elements, their geological and chemical properties, and, most importantly, the ore-forming processes.

By looking at the description of the working mineral system through geological time, you will be able to understand and quantify key limiting factors, which will help you to predict the occurrence and distribution of ore bodies. You gain consolidated knowledge for your exploration decisions.

Terranta technologies will help you better understand the systems that you explore both in greenfield and in brownfield exploration.

With a Terranta mineral systems model, you can better quantify and assess your exploration projects and thus make highly informed investment decisions.

De-risk your exploration projects with Terranta technologies
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Use drilling to test your models instead of drilling to build your models.

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January 11th 2023
Terranta Exhibits at PDAC 2023 in Toronto

As part of the German Pavilion, Terranta will showcase their technologies at the PDAC conference in Toronto 5. – 8. March 2023. 

Additionally, Terranta will present case studies in 2D and 3D as part of the Mineral Systems Analysis and Modeling Session.

Please join us in Toronto and  see how we can support you in your mineral exploration workflows.

July 22nd 2022
Terranta offerings in a nutshell. Now online.

Check out our Vimeo Channel for a very short introduction to Terranta

July 22nd 2022
Terranta Industry Consortium Invitation is now open and online.

Check out our new Consortium Webpage specifically addressing the opportunities of our industry consortium.

Terranta is inviting your company to participate in and sponsor the development of our commercial simulator for Mineral Systems Modeling and prediction.

July 12th 2022

We will post regularly news and updates on our Vimeo channel to keep you informed about what’s cooking at Terranta.​​

Terranta - AC2
June 8TH 2022

Terranta made it into the top-10 of the Business-Foundation competition „Gründerwettbewerb AC² 2021/22“. ​​

Terranta congratulates the H-Box team to take home the first price during the the ceremony in the Aachen town hall last week.

Even though Terranta did not win one of the top three prices, we are still very happy that with Terranta, a geoscience team was nominated from about 180 contestants.

Terranta - AC2
MAY 19TH 2022

Terranta made it into the top-10 of the Business-Foundation competition „Gründerwettbewerb AC² 2021/22“. ​​

We are excited to see which of the top-10 teams will come in first on June 2nd.